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smith river fishing report © All Rights Reserved. Website Hosting and Design provided by Kara Engelke of Cloverdale holds her first-ever steelhead, which she caught on a recent trip down the Smith River. Despite all of the rain, the Smith has remained fishable and is still kicking out a good number of fresh winter steelhead. PHILPOTT LAKE - Fishing is improving with smallmouth bass catches leading the way. Better choices of baits include crankbaits, plastic worms and jig 'n pig. Plenty of large crappie are available and a few walleye. Most of the walleye are being taken by jigging Hopkins Spoons. Trout .

Smith River Salmon & Steelhead Fishing Report

Crankbaits, spinnerbaits and live crayfish are the best producers. Crappie are schooling up, taking small minnows and tiny jigs in Fletcher's Cove and around the docks in Washington Channel and Washington Sailing Marina.

Catfish are plentiful, taking clam snouts, nightcrawlers and cut bait. Main river bridge pilings and other submerged cover are holding good bass. Some rocky points and shorelines are also attracting bass. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits and plastic baits are the preferred baits. In the cooling local waters, lean smith river fishing report toward crayfish colored baits.

The Fall movement to the dropoffs has begun in areas lacking grass beds. Many of the better fish have moved to dropoffs and submerged structure. The creeks are producing bass from lily pads, grass beds and wood cover adjacent to dropoffs. Crankbaits are the best producing lures on the dropoffs at this time of year, while Horny Toads, plastic worms, buzzbaits and spinnerbaits are still taking their share of fish in and near the grass beds.

Crappie are schooling in deeper water in the back of the creeks. Live minnows and tiny jigs are still the ticket. Yellow perch are beginning to bite in the creeks, smith river fishing report. White perch are thick on main river points.

Best baits are Roostertails and cut white perch smith river fishing report strips. Catfish are still responding to the usual catfish baits throughout the river. The larger fish have moved to deeper water in the main river channel, but plenty of pound fish are available.

Stripers are available on points, near cover and vegetation, as long as there is moving water. Best action occurs on the high incoming tide. Best methods are trolling large spoons, smith river fishing report, bucktails, Sassy Shads or Cordell Redfins.

Secondary methods are casting Rat-L-Traps, Sassy Shads, live eels or topwater lures around current-breaking structure along the river channel. As the water continues to cool, the baitfish will move to the creeks, with the stripers following them.

Casters should think about fishing the flats off Colonial Beach, and rock jetties on the main river. The huge grass bed on the north side of the channel has some bass that will bite the right bait, smith river fishing report.

Topwater and plastic baits are taking plenty of fish. The annual Fall migration into the back end of the river has not yet started. Catfish are scarce and those that are caught are small.

Crappie are schooled smith river fishing report boat docks and submerged brush, but are on and off, depending on the weather. Stripers are found at the mouth of the river, around the grass beds, biting well on Rat-L-Traps, Sassy Shads and white spinnerbaits. Crankbaits are the preferred bait. Downlake, bass are being found in feet of water, off main lake points and creek channel dropoffs. Again, crankbaits are taking most of the fish. Crappie fishing is excellent, with the fish schooling in feet of water, around submerged brush.

Catfish, pounds, are available on stink baits, clam snouts and nightcrawlers. A few small bass have been recorded, along with some medium crappie and some good catfish, smith river fishing report.

Small fish may be taken at leisure on small plastic grubs, smith river fishing report, tiny crankbaits or spinners. Larger fish are taking hair jigs, tipped with pork rind, Zoom Super Flukes, tube baits and small, shallow running crankbaits in crayfish or chartreuse colors. A few fish in the inch class are being reported. Catfish are biting, but the overall sizes are small. Below the city, largemouth bass are holding along the South shoreline, orienting to the blowdowns, and in the creek mouths, smith river fishing report.

Shad colored crankbaits and plastic worms are the better choice of lures, while live minnows and crayfish are also taking good fish. Below Green Bay, bass and yellow perch may be caught on spinnerbaits, crankbaits and plastic worms. Work these baits on outside bends of creek channels, around wood cover, midway back in the creeks. Flip plastic worms to the edges of the marsh grass on outside bends, and work it down the dropoff. These methods will produce pound bass in the lower creeks, smith river fishing report.

Crappie are schooled and holding around the submerged wood. Catfish may be had by fishing cut shad or eel chunks on the bottom of the river channel on the outside bends. White perch are plentiful in Green Bay. Stripers are taking baits along the main river channel cover, and at the mouths of creeks and coves. Any shad-imitating bait will produce. For larger fish, switch to Bomber's Model 2A in crayfish colors. Cast these baits across the smith river fishing report and retrieve at a medium rate of speed, trying to keep the baits close to any cover.

The average size of the fish will suddenly increase. The numbers of fish will also decrease. Take care to fish the riffles thoroughly with both Senkos and small buzzbaits. Lots of good sized sunfish are also available. Best lures for the sunfish are the smaller crankbaits and spinners.

Striper action is good for pound fish, being caught on bucktails, live eels and Sassy Shads in the lower portions. LAKE ANNA - Largemouth bass action is good, with topwater action early and late in the day, and crankbaits and plastics taking fish from feet of water after the sun gets up. Main lake and secondary points are some of the better areas to fish. Jig 'n pig baits are taking good bass from the dropoffs.

Anglers fishing docks in feet of water with green pumpkin plastics are catching fish, particularly downlake. Uplake, fish the grassbeds above Christopher Run on smith river fishing report the main lake and the creeks. Small spinnerbaits and soft plastics are taking the fish. Crappie are biting well around bridge pilings and boat docks. Live bait is the best overall choice.

Larger fish are being taken on live minnows or crayfish. Crappie are active, taking small minnows and smith river fishing report jigs. In the tidal sections, smallmouth are active from the city down to Dutch Gap. Below the Gap, largemouth bass are active around the wing dams, points, barge pits and in the creeks. Plastic baits, crankbaits and spinnerbaits are the preferred baits. Crappie are turned on in the pits, with large stringers being the rule.

Blue and flathead catfish are still being caught on smith river fishing report baits around the Pony Pasture and Dutch Gap power plant. Preferred baits remain crankbaits, spinnerbaits and Carolina rigged Zoom lizards. Main lake points are still the best type of structure, smith river fishing report, with lily pad fields a close second.

Water temperatures are falling, making for great fishing. Live bait is the ticket for the crappie. The creeks are holding good numbers of bass on downed wood and brush. Plastic worms are still the preferred lure. Yellow perch are beginning to bite well on medium minnows, small spinnerbaits and Silver Buddies.

Large minnows, Super Flukes and white spinnerbaits are producing large grindle or bowfin in the lily pad edges. Crappie are schooled over the submerged brushpiles, taking live minnows and tiny jigs. Bream are still active, taking red wigglers and nightcrawlers. Flyrodders are having a ball, taking bass, bream and crappie on poppers, fished over submerged grass. Lots of pound bass are being taken from the tops of points on stick baits and flukes. Bluegills are taking red wigglers in feet of water, while yellow perch are taking live minnows.

Crappie are hard to find. Good catfishing, though most are caught by striper anglers. When the water is normal, bass in the pound range are being caught around duck blinds and in the canals. Good catches of white perch and bluegill are also reported on small minnows and grass shrimp. Catfish, to six pounds, and a few spot round out the catches. Good numbers of shellcrackers are being caught on red smith river fishing report and crickets.

Bass are biting well on crankbaits, spinnerbaits and plastic worms. Some anglers are catching crappie and yellow perch on live minnows. Some nice stripers are being taken from Lake Prince and Meade. Most are taking live shad. Fishing in Lakes Cohoon smith river fishing report Meade is generally slow. Lake Smith cite improving bass and walleye action, smith river fishing report.


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smith river fishing report


The Smith River is nationally one of the most well known streams in the U.S., in large part because of the unique experience it offers. For visitors from all over Montana and across the country lucky enough to draw float permits, the Smith River float, with access to a mile stretch of river only at its upper and lower ends, holds a pristine adventure. Kara Engelke of Cloverdale holds her first-ever steelhead, which she caught on a recent trip down the Smith River. Despite all of the rain, the Smith has remained fishable and is still kicking out a good number of fresh winter steelhead. © All Rights Reserved. Website Hosting and Design provided by