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Exactly three-quarters of a century ago - July 1st - this record hit Number One on the Billboard pop charts:. That's a bonus bit of studio chatter at the end there. It was pretty much Bing's hit parade in the s.

The above record held the top spot throughout July, and then in August was succeeded by more Crosby - "Swinging on a Star". It's one of those "our song" songs - especially if you happened to find yourself on a railway platform in the early s waving a loved one off nätdejting dåligt psykiskt war. Nevertheless, for consorts and commoners alike, "I'll Be Seeing You" caught the moment and could conjure it through all the decades after.

It's one of those tunes that's more than a hit, that somehow distills the mood of an era, as John Schlesinger understood when he used it in Yankshis wartime romance starring young Richard Gere as a GI in England, over-sexed, overpaid and over here, as the local lads grumbled.

I once asked Sammy Fain, the song's composer, which was his favorite recording, and he reeled off about 40 he enjoyed - jazz, country, rhythm'n'blues. But, if you fell in love with it as a wartime ballad, you always hear it in the voices of the nätdejting dåligt psykiskt, as the last dance under the glitterball, with some big-band canary up on the stage. And yet it's not a war song, not really.

If you're wondering "Tamara who? And she certainly was - even when co-starring in Roberta with bi-appellated types like Bob Hope, Faye Templeton and Sidney Greenstreet. The plot of Right This Way was basic boy-meets-girl, but the boy's a foreign correspondent based in Paris and, when he's called back to the States, the girl's left behind.

So Tamara sang:. Cathedral bells were tolling and our hearts sang on; Was it the spell of Paris or the April dawn? Who knows if we shall meet again? But when the morning chimes ring sweet again.

Eighty years on, a surprising number of singers make a point of singing the verse. I don't know why, to be honest. The tune is moving, if oddly formal. But the words, in making the situation more special "cathedral bells", "the spell of Paris"somehow make the song less so. The verse, though, does explain why the imagery, although often taken to be that of small-town America, is in fact better suited to the City of Light:.

Nevertheless, the real power of the chorus is the way it transforms the commonplace:. But it did. When I used nätdejting dåligt psykiskt run into Sammy Fain at Ascap get-togethers in the Eighties, he was a small, dapper man with a philosophical buoyancy about nätdejting dåligt psykiskt. But in Hellzapoppin ' no one cared about the songs and with Right This Way no one cared about the show. It ran 15 performances, which suggests an awful lot of theatergoers never stuck around for the big ballad.

As Fain said to me: "Where's the exit? Right This Way, nätdejting dåligt psykiskt. But the other great ballad disappeared, which infuriated Fain's lyricist Irving Kahal. The lyrical imagery is unexceptional but in the tune you hear something melancholy and uncertain and even vaguely Mahleresque the last movement of the Third Symphony, nätdejting dåligt psykiskt, to be less vague about it.

Soldiers and sailors would come up to me all the time and tell me it was their favorite song. Yet the Tommy Dorsey band's record wasn't nätdejting dåligt psykiskt behind on the hit parade, although it's Johnny Mince's clarinet rather than the young Sinatra's vocal that supplies the real wartime wistfulness. There's a reason for that. It'sright? But didn't Sinatra leave the Dorsey orchestra in '42? Indeed he did. But when "I'll Be Seeing You" took off, they remembered they had an old record with Frank sitting around, so why not release it?

And so, nätdejting dåligt psykiskt, yes, it's true that Frank doesn't dig as deep as Bing does. But that's not only because he's just a kid with minimal recording experience who's still learning his trade but because Crosby has a big advantage over Sinatra: Bing knows there's a war on.

He made his recording in February - four years after Frank - and he understands the nätdejting dåligt psykiskt context of the lyric. So Sinatra looked down at the sheet and saw just another love song:. By he had a far greater interpretative range. Finding nätdejting dåligt psykiskt four-year-old recording from his callow youth on the charts, Frankie took to singing it on the radio, usually concluding on a beautiful falsetto "you" that wafts away into the spheres.

Within a year or nätdejting dåligt psykiskt, he'd concluded that that made the number less about the song and too much about the singing, and so he brought that "you" down for a softer landing, still very expressive but closer to the human experience the lyric demands.

Yet, for a song he sang a lot, "I'll Be Seeing You" had to wait a decade-and-a-half after the end of the war to meet Frankie again in the recording studio, nätdejting dåligt psykiskt.

It was It's swingin' all the way, complete with period slang in the out-chorus:, nätdejting dåligt psykiskt. And then four months later he's back in nätdejting dåligt psykiskt studio, with "I'll Be Seeing You" on the stand, and this time it's a beautiful, tender ballad treatment, with Axel Stordahl's characteristically lovely strings and some of the most exquisite horn charts he ever wrote:.

There's no correct way to do the number. The definition of a standard is a song you can do in a zillion different ways - and sometimes with the same singer, and all in the same year. Grab a piece of paper and draw a triangle. Point B is Sy Oliver's May swinger. Point C is Axel Stordahl's September ballad version. Not everyone responds to "I'll Be Seeing You". Regular readers will know I like to cite Frank's friend, the musicologist and composer Alec Wilder.

Yet, aside from a pick-up note in the 16th bar, Wilder pronounces the tune "boneless and insipid and written as if at an organ with the Vox Humana stop out. I simply don't believe that the experience of writing it was one of deep involvement. Oh, well. Millions of others beg to differ.

For them, nätdejting dåligt psykiskt, Sammy Fain's tune nätdejting dåligt psykiskt anything but nätdejting dåligt psykiskt and insipid", and Irving Kahal's lyric is an accumulation of treasured places where love will always linger:.

Even when she and the Duke of York were courting, nätdejting dåligt psykiskt, you'd be unlikely to find a Bowes-Lyon in a Corner House that's an English pun: if you're American, don't worry about it. I doubt she ever visited a municipal park except to name it after her husband. Yet the imagery of love songs is a kind of aspirational ordinariness - the ennobling of trivialities - and they speak to princes as well as paupers - and across the generations, too, nätdejting dåligt psykiskt.

By that point, for every rocker in mid-life crisis compiling his standards album, "I'll Be Seeing You" was high on the list. And half-a-century after the war it was still a favorite "our song" for nätdejting dåligt psykiskt lovers parted by the cruelties of fate.

See, for example, the Starr Report on President Clinton's high crimes and misdemeanors. Footnotea letter from Miss Monica Lewinsky:. I have it, too, and it's wonderful. Whenever I listen to song 5 I think of you. Bill Clinton certainly understood what the Queen Mum's pal Noel Coward called "the potency of cheap music". And when a song's that potent, why risk anything else? And, according to a interview he gave about his record collection, it's Bill's favorite song, even if there are no women to hand.

But with Monica it seems either the most absurd self-delusion, nätdejting dåligt psykiskt, or a bleak recognition that her own "relationship" was nothing to sing about.

On their very first meeting, after delivering pizza to the President, Monica turned to leave the Oval Office and famously nätdejting dåligt psykiskt up her skirt to give him a glimpse of her departing thong.

When I first read that "I'll Be Seeing You" was her favorite song, it reminded me of a story Sammy Cahn whose contribution to the songbook we celebrate here told me many years ago. There was a private party for the president of Columbia Pictures, Harry Cohn, and Sammy had written some special material, including a sketch which ended with Judy Garland turning and flipping up her own skirt, prompting Phil Silvers to sing:.

Perhaps even now, over a decade and a half later, that's how Bill Clinton thinks of his lost love. The songwriter has to say it for everyone, for the GIs shipping out tomorrow, and for more specialized scenarios half-a-century hence. Of the three people most involved in the birth of "I'll Be Seeing You", two-thirds never lived to see its great wartime success.

But its lyricist Irving Kahal had died two years earlier, and the lady who first sang it, Tamara, had been killed in a plane crash in Lisbon in Neither knew the song as anything other than a failure.

He was 38 when he died of uremia on February 7thstill convinced that the obscure, forgotten "I'll Be Seeing You" was the greatest song he and Sammy Fain had written together, nätdejting dåligt psykiskt. Fain spent the time between Kahal's death and the funeral nätdejting dåligt psykiskt the organist, a little white-haired old lady.

With the Vox Humana stop out? History does not record, but for three days she sat there and did nothing but play "I'll Be Seeing You" until Fain was satisfied she could do justice to his late partner's favorite ballad.

I just pray that somewhere, somehow, he knows. It's traveled a long way. Just a few month ago - February 13th - the last piece of data transmitted by Nasa down on earth to the robotic space rover Opportunity way out there on Mars was Billie Holiday's version, for any Martian Bill-and-Monicas in need of an "our song" nätdejting dåligt psykiskt. Personally autographed copies are exclusively available from the Steyn store - and, if you're a Mark Steyn Club member, don't forget to enter the promo code at checkout to enjoy special Steyn Club member pricing.

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